After a short break we’re back with a new exhibition by local girls Agata Wlodarska and Mayken Craenen. An atmospheric ode to Agata’s beloved Polish grandmother will flow seamlessly into Maykens intuitive collage of image fragments and colorful lines.

The exhibit will open with flowers and drinks on Sunday, April 19 at 18:00 and run until the 5th of July during opening hours of Kornél (MIND YOU – not July 17th as mentioned on the flyer, as Kornél will close for a well-deserved holiday).


In the course of May we’ll organise a second Sunday filled with second-hand clothes and fresh handmade goods especially made for the exhibition including ceramics, prints and accessories. Stay tuned!



Agata Wlodarska (°1984) combines paper scraps, fragments of images and fine drawings into illustrations and poetic collages. Her work is cheerful with a melancholic undertone. Agata loves making photographs and observes the details, colors and compositions in the world around her. She is happiest when her desk is filled with crayons, pieces of paper, magazines, pencils, scissors, glue, a cup of tea and when she has plenty of time for ideas to grow.


Mayken Craenen (°1987) is an image maker with a firm love for handicraft. In a very intuitive way, she imagines fragments of her surroundings in a new context. She loves to experiment with and combine different media like photography, drawing, collage, ceramics and textile. This has led her to play with food (with Alle Dagen Honger), organize exhibitions (with Huis Haas) and install shop windows (for Fresh) next to doing freelance illustration, design and editing jobs.

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